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A dog travels through the courts and battlefields of Europe - and through the centuries - in search of the man who granted him immortality. 


His journey takes him through the London Frost fair, the strange court of Charles I, the war of Spanish Succession, the golden age of Amsterdam, the killing fields of Waterloo and to ninneteenth-century Venice. As he crosses the battle-weary continent, he befriends both humans and animals, falls in love (only once), marvels at man's ability to make art and music, despairs at their capacity for war - and gains insight into both the strength and fraility of the human spirit. 

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The Storm Begins

Jake Djones' parents have gone missing and they could be anywhere in the world - at any time in history. Becuase the Djones family have a secret, which they've managed to keep - even from each other. They belong to the HISTORY KEEPERS: a secret society which travels through the centuries to prevent evil enemies from meddling with history itself.

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Circus Maximus

It's their deadliest mission yet: track down Agata Zeldt, the most evil woman in history, as she plots to topple the empire of ancient Rome and throw the world into turmoil.


In this exciting sequel to the internationally acclaimed THE STORM BEGINS, the young agents embark upon another rollercoaster adventure, taking them from the snowy wilds of Sweden to the streets of Rome at the height of its glory. Their search leads them to Circus Maximus, the colossal stadium at the heart of the ancient world. It will be the race of their lives... 

The time travelling agents voyage from Shakespeare's England to Imperial Ming China in pursuit of their most villainous foe yet, Xi Xiang, whose aim is to destroy trade links between east and west and through the world into war. 


Jake, Nathan and Topaz must join forces with international agents in a race against the clock to stop him. And at the heart of the battle lies the key to a long-lost family member - will Jake find his brother after all this time? 

Nightship To China
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